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Q: I need a custom size than shown of your price list. How does it work?

A: All West Coast Awning Products are manufactured to fit your needs. The sizes listed on our web-site are there to give you a representation of our discount pricing.

Q: How many feet can it project out?

A: Generally that is not a problem. You will need to call to see what options are available for your area, such as : snow loads, wind factor. Height and attachment will have a bearing on your Patio design.

Q: How many posts will I need?

A: The live load, length, and projection of the awning, establish the quantity of posts. Typically a 10' projection x 20' wide awning requires 3 posts. Your awning engineering will specify the post spacing needed for your particular unit.

Q: What is the distance between posts?

A: The normal post spacing is 10' to 12' apart (depending on live load, length, and projection). An inch or two either way should not create a problem. The posts the are installed on the 2 outside corners of the awning do not have to be located exactly on the corner. The corner posts may be inset up to 25% of your post span (Example: span of 8'-0"between posts x 25% = 2'-0" maximum).

Q: How do I get a Patio Cover delivered?

A: Common carriers are used to ship our awning products. We have contracts with some very good discounted rates with many local and nationwide carriers.

Q: How heavy are the units?

A: On an average, our Patio Covers weigh 1.25 - 1.5 lbs. Per square foot (depends on actual components). Example: A 10' x 18' Patio is 180 square feet. (180 sq. ft. x 1.25 lbs. per sq. ft. = 225 lbs.)

Q: How many days will it take to ship?

A: These Awnings are made to order, production time is generally about ten (10) days from date of order plus shipping time. Carrier and distance determine shipping time. Shipping to Louisiana takes about 5 business days from California. To East Coast the trip is about 5-6 business days.

Q: Will it come in one package?

A: An average size Patio Cover will be shipped in 5 or 6 boxes. Larger Units of course will require more packages in order to be easily moved by a single individual.

Q: Can a package be handled easily?

A: The wider the awning, the longer the boxes. The largest length we can ship is 24' long due to common carrier limitations. Smaller awnings will use shorter boxes.

Q: What will happen if I get a bad storm?

A: Our Patio Covers can be designed to withstand, up to 90 M.P.H. winds. We generally have our customers advise us as to the types of winds in their local area. Many areas we are very familiar or we have a general sense of what is required.

Q: How are Patio Covers designed for the snow?

A: This is a very important question. We have the engineering designs to properly adjust your awning to accept your local conditions. A modification in the thickness of the awning pans might be all it would take. Might include such items as adding an extra post or installing a beam.

Q: What do I do if I have a wooden deck?

A: Most building departments will not allow direct mounting of the posts to a wooden deck. However, there are some building departments will allow attaching your deck. Each municipality will have there own requirements. Are going to obtain a building permit to install your Patio Cover? In all instances, it is not permissible to mount the posts to a handrail of any deck. You can install the posts through the deck and add new footings for the posts or install the posts out past your deck on new footings. If you're not sure which way to proceed, please ask.

Q: How are the posts connected to concrete?

A: All of our Patio Covers come complete with concrete "anchors". Two 1/4" or 3/8" inch holes are drilled into the concrete for each post (with a masonry bit). The anchors provided are used to mount the post brackets directly to the concrete slab. The 3" square posts are then slid over the top of the secured post brackets and a 3/8 inch bolt, washer, & nut (provided) is used to attach the post to the bracket.

Q: Can I secure posts to something other than concrete?

A: No. However there are options for post installation: Directly on a concrete slab, concrete slab with concrete footing or just a concrete footing. Read and follow the directions for properly installing posts. There isn't an engineering design to allow posts to be secured to a wooden deck.

Q: What do I do, I've got a masonry exterior (Plaster/Brick)?

A: There are several options available. Installation and sealing can vary depending on your needs. We will be glad to inform you of how to proceed.

Q: Where should I connect to my house, the eave or wall?

A: Will look much nicer if connected to wall. We will need to know the following information: How far out from your house is the eave? Are your overhangs supported with 2 x 4 or 2 x 6's rafters? How far apart are the 2 x? rafters? Your awning includes the required "flashing" to enable you to provide a seal at either mounting location. If at all possible, it is better to mount to the wall for larger or heavier Live Loads. Please consult with us as to your best type of installation (eave/wall?).

Q: Do you sell freestanding Patio Covers?

A: Yes, we have freestanding Units. Freestanding Patio Cover require steel posts, fair size concrete footings, extra perimeter metal, etc. Normally a free-standing Patio Cover is one and a half times the cost of an attached awning.

Q: Will I have technical support?

A: Yes. If after reading the installation instructions you have any questions please feel free to call. All it takes is a few simple tools and be able to follow the installation instructions. Homeowners put up most of our awnings. You don't have to be a qualified contractor. Save money install it yourself.

You can do it!

Q: How will I know what to purchase?

A: Please read through our Web Site and if possible make a few notes as to questions you might have. We are very knowledgeable on our products, We've been in the construction trade since 1990. Please use this experience to your benefit!.

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